Warfare 1917

warfare_1917Warfare 1917 is a truly interesting flash game for people who love strategy and war games. According to the name, you might have already realized that the storyline takes us back to the World War I, year 1917.  In this game, you have an opportunity to choose from 2 armies : Germany or Great Britain. The campaigns of this armies are different, so choose your side wisely.

The mission of player in Warfare 1917 game is pretty simple – you have to create a powerful army and conquer the enemy territory by killing the soldiers and destroying defense towers. There are a lot of different types of soldiers and weapons in this game, you can even make tanks and ask aviation to help you. The most popular types of military troops in this game are : shooters, grenadiers, machine gunners, generals, the snipers and tanks.

Another interesting thing about the game is that after you conquer the new territory, you are given some points to upgrade your army. For example you can spend this points to buld more powerful snipers and make your tanks stronger and faster. This points are very important, because they are the key to success in the whole game. As you progress in the warfare 1917, more and more enemy troops will come to fight with you. You have to produce the right type of soldiers to kill your enemies, for example, if you see a big crowd of enemy soldiers, the best idea will be to create a sniper that can kill enemy from a big distance.

Warfare 1917 is really unique flash¬† game – the graphics as well as the gameplay is awesome. You can hardly ever find another flash game with such good graphics and video effects. The game is rather big, so you will have to wait some time until it loads, that process won’t take long and it depends on your internet speed. We wish you to have a great time playing the game at this website.